our answer to the covid-19 pandemic

COVID-19 RapidResponse

In response to the recent COVID-19 spread across North America’s health systems, we have been working with key stakeholders developing a solution to stand-up a clinical-grade COVID-19 digital response tool. Using SMS, IVR and web, this tool provides custom assessments to deliver rapid triage and recommendations to your organization.

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To access the tool on your phone*:

Canadian Residents
Text CORONASCREEN to 73777

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What does this program offer?


COVID-19 RapidResponse is a rapidly customizable tool that can adapt to your risk, volume and protocol needs. Use the tool to provide reach, triage, education and recommendations for both patients and staff in your organization.

How are you keeping your patients and staff informed during these times of high stress?

Who needs to get medical attention?

What are the best tips for self-monitoring?

Who do they need to contact if they start experiencing symptoms?  



Outbound or Inbound Messaging
Send out updates and/or triage inbound messaging. Automate outreach to ensure information is shared as soon as possible.

From SMS, IVR, to web, choose a method to easily deliver the COVID-19 screening tool into their hands.



Escalate and Next Steps
Tell your patients and staff when to reach out for help and when to self isolate. Present immediate next steps and current risk measures for patients and staff to follow. 

Opportunity to provide education and resources for better patient outcomes and staff well-being.


Stay Informed

Get Data Insights
Leverage data integrations and dashboard reporting to track symptomatology and screener results with a real-time geographic dashboard.

Take the guesswork out of planning with current population needs informing inventory and staffing for your organization



Custom User Triage
Customize risk evaluations to fit your organization’s needs. Ensure your patients and staff get the education and advice that they require based on their personal situation.

Triage patients and staff based on symptoms, travel and exposure with rapid updates for changing guidelines and adapting to local needs.


Follow Up

Track Notable Cases and Follow Up
Automatically trigger follow-up care based on custom protocols. Prevent patients and staff from slipping through the cracks. 

Through automated follow-up, everyone is accounted for.

Don’t forget the data!

Data Strategy

Know more about your patients and staff so that you can take a proactive stance to combating the effects of COVID-19 spread at your organization.

Collect Intake data

Screen individuals at baseline to record initial symptomatology, travel and contact history, as well as demographic information. Collect additional free-text responses describing individual case if risk is detected.

Monitor changes

Continue to check-in via SMS to monitor any changes from baseline data. Build longitudinal histories per individual that can track virus-free states, onset, or progression of the virus.

surface data insights

Display aggregate results on clinical dashboard. Collect data for a training set over time in order to build predictive models to predict the onset of the virus.

Is the COVID-19 RapidResponse for you?

Staying Informed

Staying on top of the information that is currently out there is tough, but keeping patients and staff informed of immediate actions and proper protocols is key. Share what they should expect and equip them with the right information to fight this pandemic. 

Keep track of how your population is doing with advanced analytics right at your fingertips and turn on the full power with integrations into your system to keep all systems linked. 

Interested to see how COVID-19 RapidResponse can help you? 

To access the tool on your phone:
Canadian Residents
Text CORONASCREEN to 73777

US Residents
Text CORONASCREEN to 89873