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Rapidly screen staff and the entire student body before attendance at school.

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Reduce Calling Hours Spent by 70%*

* Based on implementation at SE Health which lead to 70% call reductions for nurses that had to assess patients before appointments

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Canadian Residents
Text CORONASCREEN to 73777

*Standard data rates may apply. Dates rates apply refers to the data costs that may arise from your usage of cellular data if you are browsing the web link included in the message. This means that any data you use by clicking the web link while not connected to WiFi is determined by your own cellular data plan with your phone carrier.

K-12 and Post-Secondary

For all students and staff before they enter school property to minimize the possibility of community spread within the school .

How are you keeping your students, staff and parents informed during these times of high stress?

Who needs to get medical attention?

What are the best tips for self-monitoring?

Who do they need to contact if they start experiencing symptoms?  

How it Works


Daily Email and SMS Assessments and Outreach

Deliver and prompt staff, students or parents to fill in a COVID-19 assessment prior to entry on premises. 

Use your evidence-based surveys or create a custom survey to address your organization’s COVID-19 and mental health needs.

Choose from a variety of deliver methods such as SMS or email to deliver a secure web survey into the hands of parents, students and staff.


Personalized Follow-up

After completion of the screen, a risk score is provided with next steps for attendance.

Communicate clear expectations and educate the staff, students and parents about best practices that will keep them safe. 


Proof of Screen

Implement a checkpoint to validate and confirm completion of COVID-19 assessments for an additional level of security and safety.

Quickly check screening status at a glance with a unique color or image for the day.


Monitor Status

Stay informed with an operational dashboard displaying screening risk information and follow-up actions. Use the dashboard to help you monitor and predict for potential student outbreaks.

With a record of all screening results conducted at school, the MEMOTEXT COVID-19 RapideResponse Assessment Solution creates an audit trail of assessments for reference.


Surface Insights & Risk

Be prepared. By collecting data monitoring changes you will be able to surface data insights about specific exposure patterns and at-risk students to help you stop an outbreak at the root

Manage high risk situations and personnel appropriately, such as directing them to appropriate health resources telling them to stay home.

implement COVID-19 Rapidresponse in your organization

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