Digital Patient Engagement Therapeutics Personalization Platform

Select Use Cases

A JV with provider CAMH to support, reduce isolation and predict readmission risk for complex behavioral health, A4i is embarking on a regulatory pathway as a digital therapeutic.

A voice-assistant (Alexa) skill connected to virtual home-care provider SEHealth to prolong independence for seniors while supporting caregivers and their families.

An adaptive digital SMS intervention co-created with Massachusetts General Hospital for adherence in pediatric ADHD.


Driven by machine learning, Dot The Diabetes Carebot's assessments and daily nudges support GreenShield Canada members at risk for pre-diabetes and T2 Populations.

An adaptive prenatal SMS program, developed by Optimal Birth BC, SmartMom is scaled across multiple Canadian health authorities.

Grow your Solution

The MEMOTEXT platform can be used to design build deploy test your patient engagement programs.

Data Driven. Validated. Secure.

Care coordination, treatment adherence and CMS STAR programs are some of the clinically driven business requirements we solve for. See how we've grown and validated dozens of patient engagement and decision support programs for our global partners.

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Integrated into provider, insurance, pharmaceutical and pharmacy support settings, we use medical and prescription claims data, EMRs, wearables and patient reported outcomes to identify risk and personalize communications.

Using advanced analytics, voice assistants (Alexa), SMS messaging, IVRs and iOS/Android applications, MEMOTEXT learns and optimizes communications to improve adherence to treatment, care-coordination and sustained behavior change.

How does the platform work?

Identifying Business Needs

Every program, application or intervention starts with a clinically-driven business need. What do you need to accomplish? What needs to be changed?

Use cases:

Getting to know the end user

Your patients are unique and so are the interventions that they will engage best with. By analyzing and actioning health data, we can provide insights into specific characteristics of patient populations to enable precision targeting, ensuring the right person receives the right content at the right time.

This is the first step in our evidence-based approach to digital engagement.

Engaging your Patients

How are you planning to reach your patients?
From SMS-based programs, IVR, chatbots, mobile applications, web tools, clinical dashboards and smart assistants, we’ve done it all. 
A technical framework encompassing the delivery modalities and communication preferences is selected to best suit patient needs. In parallel, content is determined for addressing specific health goals and for ensuring optimal engagement. Content is what drives every program – big or small – including the processes, logic, and behaviour science frameworks. We provide the expertise from running over 28 different digital health interventions that you need to bring your project to life.
For example:

Measuring Your Program Outcomes

Our platform helps to drive outcomes, whether they be specific to medication adherence, lifestyle change, or increasing health knowledge. With the right content and expertise backing your intervention, you can look forward to improved patient experiences and outcomes that will greatly benefit your bottom line. Reporting solutions will help you track the progress and engagement levels to ensure that KPIs are being met.

Increased Medication Adherence

Read about our digital health intervention for glaucoma patients, where we saw a 31.4% increase in medication adherence.

Care Coordination

Learn about Ring of Support! Our program helps to provide independence and peace of mind.

Improved Mental Health

A4i, our digital therapeutic, has shown significant improvement in some psychiatric symptom domains for individuals suffering from schizophrenia.