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JmHealth Path to Digital Health Nirvana

  • March 2016

Digital health is turning into one of those catch-all terms that people use to describe everything from electronic medical records to smartphone apps to wearable devices.  While I’m happy that the world is starting to pay attention, I’ve noticed a worrying trend.  We have a multitude of devices creating tremendous amounts of patient data, but very few tools/devices that make intelligent use of that data.   In another way, it’s like we have more and more gadgets to tell us we are unhealthy without giving using any meaningful advice on how to become healthier.  This intelligent use of data is exactly the topic of my latest piece for the Journal of mHealth.  In it, I talk about these disparate sources of patient data and how using this data effectively can create substantial value for patients and healthcare stakeholders.  We’ll see what the future holds, but betting is not on devices, but the actioning of data that changes the healthcare landscape.

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