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  • March 2016

Although I don’t know him personally Joseph Kvedar is someone who I look up to, he’s been at the forefront of digital health for many years and a leader in the identification, validation and application of digital health. In this paper,  Joseph Kvedar, Alexander Fogel, Eric Elenko & Daphne Zohar describe key advances, the marketplace and the opportunity for digital medicine in chronic disease. In the publication, the group outline several key advances in digital health, monitoring, adherence and behavior change. A focus on evidence-based interventions shows that there is a shift-change from concept to reality in a number of different digital health domains. The article aptly moves digital health into the mainstream as a significant way of augmenting and helping move a system focussed on acute care to one to help manage a continuum of care over time. Challenges exist in security, privacy, validation, application and reimbursement but they are outnumbered by the opportunities.

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