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PM360 Presents Novel Patient – Centric Strategies

  • October 2014

Feature Articles by PM360 Staff on May 21st, 2013

Patient Centricity. You have probably heard that phrase a million times this year alone. After all, it is one of the biggest buzzwords of 2013. But there is a reason for that. Pharma needs to find a way to better reach and engage with patients— and this goes beyond ads that get them to ask their doctors about a specific brand. This is about better understanding patients and learning how pharma can better serve them. This is about improving patient adherence and outcomes.

The good news is that the industry gets that. We asked our readers for innovative patient-centric initiatives and strategies and our inboxes were flooded with responses. Of course, pharma is probably well aware that medical non- adherence costs the industry billions of dollars a year. (An estimated loss of $564 billion globally according to Capgemini Consulting.) But the industry also cares about giving patients a voice, providing them with tools that can help them stay on medication and creating an environment where they can connect with others like themselves.

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