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SmartMom Canada Memotext

  • October 2014

Our Program

SmartMom Canada is a prenatal text messaging program, which texts important information to pregnant women about healthy pregnancy and birth timed to their stage of pregnancy. It is delivered free of charge.

Less than 30% of pregnant women in Canada go to prenatal education classes. Women often don’t know how to navigate the health care system or how to make informed decisions about their care during their pregnancy. SmartMom empowers women with timely information and alerts them to important issues, so they can make healthy choices for themselves and their babies.

These text messages inform women about options, recommend resources specific to their community, and encourage women to discuss important issues and options in pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care with their care provider (tests in pregnancy, cesarean section, breastfeeding, etc.). Check out our Facebook page during the campaign for more sneak peeks at the SmartMom text messages. (www.facebook.com/smartmomcanada)


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