Digital Patient Engagement Communications

MEMOTEXT is a platform for co-creation of digital patient engagement and digital therapeutics. We use health data to identify risk and drive personalization of secure, omni-channel treatment adherence, care-coordination and patient support applications.

Flexible Digital Tools And Integrations

MEMOTEXT provides secure, interactive digital engagement including SMS messaging, mobile applications, WhatsApp and voice assistants. Create your solution or choose from our marketplace of validated solutions.

Data Driven

Predictive and advanced analytics provide integrated insights into identification of at-risk populations and evidence-informed tailoring of communications content. 


Our empathy-based and evidence-driven expertise has been shown to deliver clinical and commercial improvements in adherence, care-coordination, patient support and readmission reductions. See the outcomes and our co-commercialized marketplace.


Improving Outcomes in Severe Mental Illness (SMI)


Engagement and improvements in depresssion, psychoticism, and other symptom domains. See the A4i DTx use-case with CAMH

Clinical Efficiencies in Care Coordination

2+ Hours

saved and 40,000 daily interactions freed up time for care coordinators to maintain quality of service for McKesson Canada and SE Health

Scaled Engagement


Pregnant mothers on our maternal health collaboration in use by 7 public health authorities

Validated Medication Adherence


Medication adherence improvements in a randomized control study with Johns Hopkins University

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About The Team

We’re a small but mighty team. We’ve crunched data, created questionnaires, integrated, tested and drank lots of coffee in the process. 

Get to know the people that make up MEMOTEXT!

Amos Adler

Founder and President

Wenjia Zhou

Lead UX Designer

Jeff Flack

Senior Developer

Charles Yoon

Operations Director

Sherry Luo

Data Scientist

Debra McCafferty

Program Coordinator

Thomas Corcoran


Ahmad Shekari

Full Stack Developer

Keerthana Mundlapudi

Product & Engagement Analyst

Alex Ostritsky

Chief Technology Officer


Alex Stewart

System Developer

Matthew Stewart

Senior Software Engineer

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    US Office

    4520 East West Highway Suite 700 Bethesda, MD. 20814

    Canadian Office

    326 Rushton Road Toronto, ON. M6C 2X9


    1.877.MEMOTXT (1.877.636.6898)


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