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We’re a digital patient engagement platform that uses health data and analytics to optimize digital communications and deliver ROI to patients and healthcare stakeholders.

Let us show you how you can grow your very own digital patient engagement program!

our Mission

We make health data useful 🙂

  • Creating truly personalized digital health interventions is our passion. With the ability to react and predict, machine learning algorithms have the potential to unlock invaluable insights from disparate sources of data. Through these algorithms and in-depth analytics, we’re making it easier to target patients’ individual barriers to disease treatment and prevention.

Our proven approach to digital health

A digital patient engagement platform that is AI driven. interactive. secure. evidence-based.

We use claims data, wearables, electronic medical records, and patient inputs to identify risk and personalize communications.

Through AI voice assistants, SMS messaging, iOS/Android and even plain old telephone calls (IVR), we use data to drive patient behavior. 

MEMOTEXT has been shown to improve adherence to treatment, care-coordination and outcomes.

Co-commercialised digital therapeutic (DTx)
1 +
indications and clinical interventions
1 %
JAMA published adherence improvements

Our Methodology

Designed for Better Health


Evidence guides how we help you build, sequence and deliver personalized digital patient engagement interventions.


Empathy drives our understanding of stigma, denial, fatigue, hope associated with health engagement.


Experience means time and knowledge related to patient privacy, cyber security, regulatory compliance, HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR.

Use Cases

With the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) we’ve co-commercialized a digital therapeutic asset to support complex behavioral health. A patient engagement app and clinician portal with a regulatory (FDA) pathway, A4i improves support, reduces isolation and provides relapse/readmission insights.

Validation 65%

Connected to the Nurse in the Cloud with homecare partners, SE Health. The Ring of Support provides personalized support through smart assistant technology (Amazon Alexa) to prolong independence for seniors and provide peace of mind for caregivers.

Usability Testing 75%

A T2 diabetes chatbot for population health management that encourages members to pursue healthcare goals. Paired with custom messaging and adherence notifications, users are able to work towards better health outcomes.

Commercial / Clinical Use 100%

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About the Team

We’re a small but mighty team. We’ve crunched data, created questionnaires, integrated, tested and drank lots of coffee in the process. Get to know the people that make up MEMOTEXT!

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