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Create and scale your digital engagement solution

Rapidly build, validate, and deploy your digital intervention with MEMOTEXT. 

Specializing in personalized digital adherence, care-coordination and support omnichannel programs. MEMOTEXT enables academics/clinicians and our commercial partners to co-create interactive, adaptive, evidence-based engagement communications and digital therapeutics (DTx).

Together we can (co)commercialize those interventions with our provider, insurer and pharmaceutical clients on our developing marketplace of digital interventions.

Data-driven, evidence-based engagement and digital therapeutics (DTx) with MEMOTEXT

Flexible omni-channel communication modalities

Leveraging core capabilities in data-driven targeted communications (using multiple modalities such as SMS, IVR, web/mobile apps and voice-assistants), MEMOTEXT has been shown to improve treatment adherence, care-coordination and health outcomes in mental health, chronic and specialty disease management.

Improve results and engagement with personalized, context-aware content.

Increase interaction and retention of messaging content by adding a personal touch keep messages relevant by taking advantage of dynamic messaging based on a person’s current state.

Choose the pieces that you need

Mix and match communications tools to rapidly create a unique solution to fit your needs. See the full list of program components to build your solution.

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