Creator Components


Target patients that need the most help.

Patient Targeting and Risk Identification

Focusing on the most appropriate (sub)populations amplifies the effectiveness and accuracy of digital communications. Machine learning outputs, along with evidence-based personalization can be used in identifying target populations and tailoring digital health interventions.

Program Delivery Components

Flexible, secure communication 🙂

Text Message

Interconnected with multiple SMS aggregators, MEMOTEXT utilizes a multi-backup/swappable aggregator strategy. MEMOTEXT has expertise in managing for multi-language and dynamic content while ensuring privacy and security criteria are adhered to.

Message Tailoring (Personalization)

MEMOTEXT’s omni-channel, evidence-based engagement tailoring algorithms enable adherence, care-coordination and support communications to be tailored to the individual level. Tailor based on context-specific: assessments, wearable data, responses and health data inputs.

Chatbot Engagement

AI/ML ( private cloud hosted ) based chatbot solutions for treatment adherence, assessment or care coordination bots increase uptake and engagement. Using Machine Learning development methodologies to build secure, interactive and regulatory ready chatbot solutions.

Survey Builder

MEMOTEXT’s Internal Survey Builder is designed and developed to enable rapid deployment of mobile aware, feature rich online forms and surveys capable of advanced-logic data collection while integrating using a RESTful API. 

  • With deep expertise in deployment of telephony based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) & Smart Assistants (Amazon Echo, Google Assistant), MEMOTEXT has both a US and Canadian infrastructure for secure IVR and smart assistant communications deeply integrated into the MEMOTEXT platform. 
Portals & Dashboards

Choose from a selection of patient-facing and clinician-centric portal components,  dashboard elements and data visualizations. We make co-design with clinicians, patients and caregivers fast and meaningful with empathy-based, evidence-driven development experience. 

Live Chat

Connect users through a live chat interface with a portal to manage chat agents and a customizable chat frontend to deliver the chat experience that your organization needs. Secure and encrypted with the ability to integrate SSO for easy access. Local hosting to ensure your data stays where you need it to.


We Make Health Data Useful.

Data driven engagement means not only understanding subjective data (using validated questionnaires (or ecological momentary assessments) but also objective context like wearables (Fitbit), third-party applications (like Bitesnap or RedCAP) or ambient data from HealthKit

This allows us to understand and communicate using integrations into communications modalities like IVRs, text messaging, Amazon Alexa or Google Home or digital therapeutics like A4i, the App4Independence. 

Want to connect? Ask us about our API infrastructure for you.

Advanced Analytics

Action your data.

Custom Reporting

MEMOTEXT will provide a comprehensive reporting package for managerial and clinical staff with the most up-to-date information based on requirements. MEMOTEXT can collaborate to jointly define key performance indicators (KPIs) and provide analytics on program performance.


MEMOTEXT Data Science is used to identify at-risk populations for accurate digital engagement deployment. Often referred to as the “Now-What” after analytics, MEMOTEXT is often deployed as a result of time-series analyses related to adherence changes, treatment-complexity and several other use-cases. 

Natural Language Processing

MEMOTEXT Natural Language Processing (NLP) leverages the latest NLP tools and language models to analyze and extract meaningful insights from textual data. It is used to perform text classification, sentiment and emotion analysis, named entity recognition (NER), and question-answering.

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