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Co-created with the Univ. of Saskatchewan and CAMH, inspired by COVID-19 isolation, anxiety and depression challenges this light-touch SMS Intervention checks-in and matches employees and members with curated mental wellness tools and promotes the benefits already made available by employers.

What is BeWell?

Validated in an ongoing CIHR funded study, the MEMOTEXT BeWell intervention allows employers and educational institutions to promote validated mental health tools and engagement with their own eligible mental health benefits.

Mental Health Matters

BeWell is an alternative to traditional face-to-face care that has become ineffective given the current COVID-19 situation. During this time, we have seen an increase in mental health impacts experienced by individuals because of job loss, social isolation, changes to everyday life, both now and into the foreseeable future leading to long term effects.

A survey conducted in January 2022 by CAMH of about 1000 people at various times throughout the pandemic found:

Engagement at Scale

Leveraging cultural and demographic data, a tool is matched and presented to the employee the day after enrolment. Weekly wellness tips and resources help contribute other routine tools that can be leveraged. With various opportunities for feedback, the program can evolve and flourish over time with increased use and iteration on delivered resources and tools.

The Team

Co-created by The University of Saskatchewan, The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and MEMOTEXT Corp, the secure mental health check-in, support and recommendation tool was developed based on a CIHR funded research grant with Dr. Tracie Risling and Dr. Gillian Strudwick. 

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