When it comes to patient adherence innovations MEMOTEXT often provides rapid study design and deployment expertise. #agilescience As a result, we at MEMOTEXT have become very good at quickly demonstrating meaningful, defensible value in trusted patient adherence innovations. We like to call it ‘Agile Science’. Since we first heard the term ‘agile science’ from our friend Dr. Eric Hekler, from Arizona State University, we have demonstrated significant value by creating rapidly deployed experiments and randomized studies in patient adherence and engagement. With commercially oriented study design, agile science can quickly respond to change and focus on solutions rather than processes.  Let us walk you through the process. The objective is to create evidence based decision support. How does your organization balance scientific rigor with commercial innovation?
  • Does your trial/pilot structure respond to changing conditions?
  • What does innovation mean to you? Process innovation? Delivery of care? Patient engagement?
Change. Failure. Redesign. These are terms now associated with successful innovation. How is your organization managing innovation? Intrapreneurship?  Process flow-gated, formalized piloting process? Do you have a process? We provide rapidly deployed intervention justification for our stakeholders. Innovation in the patient engagement ecosystem (and our patient adherence world) is shifting at an accelerated pace. What’s experimental today can be rapidly deployed and truly disruptive immediately thereafter. We can help We at MEMOTEXT design, test, measure and deploy evidence based adherence interventions using these methodologies. Mobile health, big data, cloud computing, the ubiquity of engagement platforms, early stage regulatory oversight; a chaotic opportunity to create change. Right now it is even more important to establish your own criteria for measuring the fit of an innovation within a healthcare organization. Organizations are now asking themselves: Can this health innovation satisfy our criteria for success? Intervention design using commercially oriented objectives to create rapid, repeatable learnings can enable decision support and course corrections in real time. By using defensible, agile scientific rigor to measure success, design trials, iterate and learn you can accelerate trusted innovations. What is innovation to your organization? Feel like sharing? Track #agilescience  
AMOS ADLER M.Sc. FOUNDER & PRESIDENT img35 Amos brings speech, mobile and social technologies together to create mobile (mHealth) and telehealth patient adherence programs. Since 2008, Amos has led the design and deployment of dozens of digital patient adherence and behavior change programs globally while advocating for evidence-based approaches to technology-based behavior change. With a background in user oriented design methodologies, user-requirements elicitation, finance and enterprise scale technology deployment, Amos focuses on solutions solving real-world business requirements with patient centered designs while understanding the challenges of change management in clinical settings. Prior to founding MEMOTEXT, Amos held multiple technology and finance related positions within the Bell Canada Holdings family of companies as well as a background in social and private real estate development. Amos holds a M.Sc. in Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems from The London School of Economics in London England, graduating with distinction was highlighted by his work within the launch of the world’s first independent exchange for international wholesale telecom capacity. Amos speaks regularly at events such as: mHealth, Stanford Mobile Health, Health Datapalooza, Genentech FutureMed2.0 and has guest lectured at the Univ. of Toronto